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This is a difficult (I hope) Reversing challenge. I developed it after excellent feedback from @Rivit and @ebouteillon who quickly solved my Riga and Recklinghausen challenges. I mean they solved them really quickly. ebo pointed out that only Ghidra was needed for those two challenges. So I designed this challenge to be more difficult and hopefully require solvers to actually use gdb. Solving this challenge is a two step process... but the steps are probably not obvious at first. If you are new to Reversing, please download the Rouen.zip file and read the enclosed readme and reversing files for some suggestions to get started in Reversing. Reversing is a difficult subject and a 10 point Reversing chal is a lot more difficult than a 10 point Forensics chal. Good Luck!

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    Congratulations to Rivit for being the first solver!! Very impressive dude!!