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This Reversing Challenge is designed to let solvers learn one of the techniques needed to solve my 100 point reversing challenge Rouen. Solve this challenge before Rouen. You may need to extract information from the exe using Ghidra then write a Python script to actually find the flag. Good Luck!

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  • Gilad ctflearn++ badge

    Good to know some Polish geography

  • SunTzu

    I like the challenge and want to share some findings. My discovery is that there are many "correct" solutions and the actual flag may be found by testing if it works with the encrypted archive.

    For curiosity, is there any reason why you choose cities which names begin with R, like Rzeszów etc?

    • kcbowhunter ctflearn++ badge

      The multiple solutions is an oversight on my part. I've provided a new exe but I'm not sure if it's available yet. I'm using cities that start with 'R' so I can know that these are 'R'eversing Challenges, because I plan to create challenges in other areas also.

  • sandr0


    [REDACTED] This comment is only shown to users who have solved this challenge.

    • sandr0

      Apparently testing all 384 possible flags was the solution -.-

    • kcbowhunter ctflearn++ badge

      Hi sandr0, there is a newer version of the Rzeszow.zip that avoids the multiple solution issue. This was an oversight on my part when I created the challenge. There should only be one solutions now. When you run the chall does it say "Welcome to the CTFlearn... v2"? The new version has v2 on the end of the welcome string. Please let me know. Thanks.

      • sandr0

        Jusr Re-Downloaded. still says:

        Welcome to the CTFlearn Rzeszow Reversing Challenge! Usage: Rzeszow CTFlearn{kernel}

        • kcbowhunter ctflearn++ badge

          Ok thanks let me see if I can get the new version uploaded.

          • kcbowhunter ctflearn++ badge

            If you want to send me a PM on Discord I can give you the new .zip file... the flag is the same as the original