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Want to learn the hacker's secret? Try to smash this buffer!

You need guidance? Look no further than to Mr. Liveoverflow. He puts out nice videos you should look if you haven't already

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    • 5h4d0w


      This challenge is amazing! I learned a lot and the colors really helped me.

    • gbataille ctflearn++ badge


      very nice the way the viz shows you what you are doing

    • natekhchan


      Nice chall. I now know how to overwrite a buffer. :)

      Thanks for making this work!

    • mhase


      nice visualization. and I can echo your recommendation of liveoverflow. He created some decent videos on binary exploitation.

    • bt7274


      Awesome challenge! If someone is looking to learn it in detail they can have a look at phrack issue 49, smashing the stack

    • kcbowhunter ctflearn++ badge


      This was excellent!! Love the display showing how the characters are overwritten in memory! Thanks for the great learning chal!