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Git Is Good

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The flag used to be there. But then I redacted it. Good Luck.!3CwDFZpJ!Jjr55hfJQJ5-jspnyrnVtqBkMHGJrd6Nn_QqM7iXEuc

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  • ambassador

    Nice, but honestly, if you know git, it is really easy

    • intelagent moderator badge ctflearn++ badge

      I'm going to drop the point value and difficulty of this challenge, thanks for the feedback. This challenge was one of our first and at this point definitely not living up to "Hard" difficulty.

  • ralphtheninja

    Super easy if you know git, but really good for introducing git for someone the first time.

  • Peder ctflearn++ badge

    log files are very unsafe

  • pizzamonkey00

    I tried doing in by hand just by looking through files with a text editor, but that became impractical pretty quickly, so then I opened it in GitGUI and solved it in three seconds

  • FelixGB

    Thx CTF ... learn something new and really useful!

  • k4at3034


    [REDACTED] This comment is only shown to users who have solved this challenge.

  • HanzHaxors

    The word <strong>then</strong> bring me to _ s _ r _

    • HanzHaxors


      [REDACTED] This comment is only shown to users who have solved this challenge.

  • R4SCL

    thanks this is really cool

  • yaypixxo

    cool challenge, but it's honestly very easy if you've used git before

  • moroq


    [REDACTED] This comment is only shown to users who have solved this challenge.

  • PrankSinatra

    Fun challenge for a noob here, way to learn something new about using git

  • 95ych

    This Vuln came in our semester exam...they changed the code and asked us to debug,


  • c0conut

    Nice. About the vision and the usage of git.

  • Gombrich

    Not bad. Being experienced with git, I could solve this within a matter of seconds.

  • normanema

    wow. really cool question. Now i know a little bit about git

    • Kationa

      Themes for you to think about: 1. Why is this called "Git is good"? 2. Also, what is Git? 3. What do you have in that .zip here? 4. ??? And then you will get the flag =)

  • preclson

    That was really cool and I didn't expect that I will solve that so fast ;)

  • drew

    Great introduction to GIT

  • k1k9

    Very usefull tool is gitk :)

  • sgt787

    Wow, to much thought. just one syntx to the git command

  • Cerious

    I didn't know Git before, but I really like this challenge. Reading the manpage and just playing around with Git let me find the flag quite fast.