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The flag used to be there. But then I redacted it. Good Luck. https://mega.nz/#!3CwDFZpJ!Jjr55hfJQJ5-jspnyrnVtqBkMHGJrd6Nn_QqM7iXEuc

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    • C0MPL3X123

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    • rwarken


      The fastest challenge I could solve in my whole life :D Basic knowledge on git will help you a lot!

    • EasyDonkey


      This is a really good reminder for everyone working with Git that once published, the history is visible for everyone.

      If you are new to Git and solve this via command line - git log, git checkout, a bit knowledge about detached HEAD state (remember its written al caps ;-) and cat are your friends.

    • notGoodNewb


      I'm new at CTF and it was nice to learn something new about a tool I use often.

    • gbataille ctflearn++ badge


      Easy, but something everything should realize. Once in a public git repo, it's out. Even rewriting history is not really enough.

    • Cyb3r_Jedi


      use simple git commands and get what you want....:)