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The SpaceStation.jpg contains the encrypted flag in the file flag.enc. The flag is encrypted using openssl and the AES algorithm. The iv and key used for the openssl encryption command are opcodes in an executable named Bangalore that is also hidden in SpaceStation.jpg.

You will need to know just a little bit about crypto, executable file formats and assembler to solve this challenge... objdump is your friend :-)

Needed info is provided in the embedded readme file.

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    • AbhiRen


      Another classic kcbowhunter forensics challenge, loved it! Great work!!

    • brezelsnacker


      First of all, nice challenge. I successfully decrypted the flag.enc file but the flag contains a space and a newline. If I try to submit this flag, it fails and says 'Incorrect flag.'. Did I miss something?

      • kcbowhunter ctflearn++ badge


        Can you send me a DM on Discord and show me more details? Also please indicate which version of openssl you are using, I know on some challenges older versions of openssl have caused problems. There is one solver so that indicates to me that everything is working as it should.

      • kcbowhunter ctflearn++ badge


        You probably need to double check your iv and key.

        • brezelsnacker


          Thank you very much! I checked my openssl version and it seems that macOS uses LibreSSL. I changed it and did it again. It worked :-)