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I found this scribbled on a piece of paper. Can you make sense of it? https://mega.nz/#!zD4wDYiC!iLB3pMJElgWZy6Bv97FF8SJz1KEk9lWsgBSw62mtxQg

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  • superdedekind


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  • Peder ctflearn++ badge

    Woah finally solved, a bit hard

  • Major

    Thanks good challenge, found it a bit hard.

  • gosobog

    some help dont know from were to start

      • Ellexorcista

        Try using a factor database to factor you key n into p and q. Once you have that you should be able to calculate the rest. Good luck

          • CapitalZer0

            https://github.com/Ganapati/RsaCtfTool is a useful tool, although it does not have windows support