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Dune Reversing Challenge

This is a reversing challenge where the exe(s) are compiled using Rust. Solvers must provide the correct arguments to the dune executable, and the flag will be displayed.

Both the debug and the release versions of the dune executable are provided. If you are new to reversing, once you solve using the debug exe, try again using the release version to improve your skillz. Because the debug version of the dune exe is provided, with all symbols included, the challenge is only 60 points.

As previously, if you solve the challenge, I believe you should be able to examine the source code used to build the exe. You can use the solution flag to decrypt the included DuneSources.zip.enc encrypted file to see the Rust source code if you are interested.

I also included the Python script I wrote to generate the constants that are used in the Rust main.rs file.

Dune.zip is structured like a Rust project. cd to targets/debug to run the dune executable and get started reversing.

Please don't post the solution to this challenge to any website or your github repository, that ruins the challenge for everyone. Thank you.

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