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I made this cool site for editing audio files. Can you exploit it? http://web.ctflearn.com/audioedit/

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  • Peder ctflearn++ badge

    Very hard, my brain hurts after this

  • Theriphunters


    [REDACTED] This comment is only shown to users who have solved this challenge.

  • ukbielecki

    Need some help. I've already uploaded file, but I cant run exploite file becouse there is new one created with .mp3. Any hints?

  • Hamesz

    Hey! Could anyone please give me a hint how tostart at least ? How would you fake a mp3 file?

  • IT_Oracle

    Fantastic challenge! It was very fun to solve ^-^

  • emo94

    final results not dislayed on opera 68.0.3618.104