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Reversal of fortune

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Our team of agents have been tracking a hacker that sends cryptic messages to other hackers about what he's doing. We intercepted the below message he sent recently, can you figure out what it says? He mentions his hacker name in it, that's the code you need.

.nac uoy fi tIe$reveRpilF eldnah ym gnisu em egassem ,avaj yllacificeps ,gnidoc emos htiw pleh deen I ,deifitnedi tegrat txeN

  • 6R1M_51CKL3

    I'm not trying to hate but imma be honest that was kinda lame

    • intelagent

      Thanks for the feedback. We will be removing this challenge, not that I thought it was great, but the rating speaks for the community.

  • liverenesmrx

    This Challenge is good lol, if u dont know how to solve it, please, delete your account and go to play minecraft.

  • Major

    Solved within seconds but this will be good for any noob starting up on CTFLearn