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Ya know, I was thinking... wouldn't the Simpsons use octal as a base system? They have 8 fingers... Oh, right! The problem! Ummm, something seems odd about this image... https://mega.nz/#!yfp1nYrQ!LOz_eucuKkjAaDqVvz3GWgbfdKWn8BhussKZbx6bUMg

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  • b4el7d

    Someone can help me to understand if the price was 243 or 486? and also is i want a decode the string or decryper the string?i'm so nubbies. The question Appear SIMPLE to read but somethings was wrong! HELP

    • Gj1197

      I am also figuring that only

    • Pwnyhawk

      Maggie originally scanned for $847.63, which was the price of raising a baby for one month back in 1989 (when the show debuted). Now things have changed and Marge's groceries add up to $243.36

      the 847.63 divided by 8 + 4 would be 120 the 243.36 divided by 8 + 4 would be 34

      that's as far as I have gotten

      • DaKeiser

        Looks like you have calculations are incorrect 847.63 divided by 8 + 4 would be 110 not 120. Now follow other steps given in question and its simple to get answer from then.

          • DaKeiser

            look at the entire thread. That's the biggest hint

  • Sihky

    It was funny, i want more like this :)

  • moroq


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