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Ten Thousand Hours

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My boss started passing all of his messages through some obfuscation software, and I think he's got some information involving my salary in one of those files down there -- or maybe he's just messing around. Either way, can you figure out what's up?

https://mega.nz/#!uTpTUQwJ!lkU_yWiugLb8YKcAYsHYovbUe4LgyiNM-uNcC6DB1L4 https://mega.nz/#!SfohiAzb!4oQjiXg2ef65b88mE8nt_CkMIBWeovaiVRh7Sk-blDg

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  • IronLarreh_

    It took a long time, but not ten thousand hours, thankfully. I was sweating about half-way through when I thought I wasn't doing it right.

  • Jagogo

    Actually, i don't enjoy such tasks most of the time. But this was really nice. Reeeeally nice. Thanx a lot!

  • vishkrish200

    Running the file results in a 'list index out of range' Is this a problem with the question? Or is it part of the question? :)

    • IT_Oracle

      Part of the question! The redacted thing might not share the same characteristics as its placeholder ^-^

  • IT_Oracle

    These kinds of methods are awesome, very good challenge!

  • ForynX

    Damn, took me few days to solve it. But i'm so proud i made it!