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XOR Is Friend Not Food

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Here: \t\x1b\x11\x00\x16\x0b\x1d\x19\x17\x0b\x05\x1d(\x05\x005\x1b\x1f\t,\r\x00\x18\x1c\x0e

I think the flag started with: ctflearn{

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  • Exolon

    I'm growing to love Python's list comprehensions and other functional stuff (like zip, in this case).

  • mavleop


    [REDACTED] This comment is only shown to users who have solved this challenge.

  • M4DG0D

    Any hint please ?? Stuck on this for a few days.

  • IT_Oracle

    I definitely over complicated this one... very fun regardless!

  • rasyidmf

    use cribdrag for more easier solution

  • madman

    any hints? been stuck on this for days. not sure what am i missing

  • chokocheng

    For beginner, im solve this challenge using <b>cribdrag</b>. https://github.com/SpiderLabs/cribdrag

  • cuuuuaa123

    Good problem to learn about crib dragging technique