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ALEXCTF CR2: Many time secrets

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Community Rating: 4.50 / 5

This time Fady learned from his old mistake and decided to use onetime pad as his encryption technique, but he never knew why people call it one time pad! Flag will start with ALEXCTF{.!DGxBjaDR!tMWkHf0s0svmkboGd-IASHsS9jACxSYx4zi_ETsyzyQ

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  • Squex

    Aga bunu yapamayan da nebiliyim

  • Pwnyhawk

    Could not get the Python script to work, was not fun at all got it finally but spent 95% of the time getting the script to work.

  • Kucharskov

    Some crib and some drag can help solve it ;)

  • quido18

    no scripting, just icyberchef..