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Take every 15th letter To construct a URL It has to be very small I hope that you can tell Pay attention along the way The journey commences here I left some clues behind As I will soon disappear So the last thing I recommend Is to remove the K at the very very end Good luck!

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  • b4el7d

    i had take every 15 letter without space, with space, without restart on new line, restarting on new line, Removing K on Luck, removing K on 'K', remove all K, BUT NO SOLUTION WAS FOUND some Hint?

    • power_will

      you dont have to remove the K in "K". it says "very very end"

      • b4el7d

        boh... something of "lAcy"? I so sad. Please some HINT!

    • ahko3112

      there're hints in the text, read it carefully.

  • DaKeiser

    Gawwwwwddd THIS IS EATING my brains.... Does capital letters in between have something to do with the question

    • naver

      I don't think so. If you look at the code in source, it's broken up with line breaks. The capitals are at the start of each line.

  • naver

    Any hints on what we're looking for? It can't be a full url because it doesn't have any punctuation. Is it a key for a service like bitly?

  • the_condor

    Ive got the term as eteaahceiisn but unable to figure out what to do! can anyone help!!!!

  • R37r0_Gh057

    lol i think i've got the flag, its a working url. but i dont know the flag format.

    • Kucharskov

      Could you make a little hint how do you got that url? Just take each char from text (without spacebars, numbers and commas)? Or maybe cyclic 15 char from alphabet?

    • Noxtal

      how have you found the URL? Any hint would be really appreciated

  • Noxtal

    Can't find any solution, I've tried all cases I had in mind and still nothing... Can somebody give a little hint, please?