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Is it the Flag? (JAVA)

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Pedro was disappointed because he didn't speak Python well enough to capture some of the flags on CTFLearn. His plan for revenge was to create one in his native language (Java). The flag is a String of 6 alphanumeric characters. Capture it. https://mega.nz/#!SHp1xCAL!I9-Zy4kwu_JY019MiYZ6CzGey8sJ6UvqE-ML2idmkrs

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    • falca


      just a java programming problem, gg

    • bt7274


      read the code and also google on how java string.hashcode() works to make the bruteforce method better

    • chrislinkou


      find out the capital letters first :P great challenge

    • myliao2007


      The keypoint is that the hash value of x with x.hashcode() is expectable.

    • Noxtal

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    • huberti

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      • mrsisterfister


        make sure you read the assignment carefully, the flag consists of alphanumeric characters only :)