Hard Live

Scavenger Hunt 2

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This hunt will be much harder. The last one was clear-cut. You know who I am. Your first clue is: Brain What? https://pastebin.com/teL9fWaU

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  • Ian0

    I followed the clues and got to a name (they don't have the flag anymore), but it doesn't submit. Any hint?

    • Ian0

      Anyone got clues for submission? I have the name, initials HS. I've tried wrapping it in CTFlearn{}, I've tried just first name, just last, etc

      • cshake98

        link says page removed. that right?

  • R4GN4R

    I think this challenge is broken... Google+ is no longer exists.

    • R4GN4R

      At least the last time I checked it,it had to do with google+... I do not know if it's fixed now...

  • IT_Oracle

    Fun challenge but a bit broken on a few levels. Finding H required you to either complete the first scavenger hunt or to stalk P which isn't a great design. Even then, google+ was retired making this challenge currently impossible to complete.

  • Karodak

    Send a mail to [email protected] with the right name (you will know what I mean once you are there) and it will send back the flag.

  • AbhiRen


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