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Nasty Little Doctorses!

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So, there were these Medical Doctors, 5 to be exact. They had to encrypt all of their passwords with something. The 5 M.D.'s were named Bob, Joe, Mike, Sarah, and Jill. Get what I'm hinting at yet? bafa3de6dac066cebe8c0e5670d98935 is your flag, although indirectly. ;)

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  • Exolon

    Easy challenge, but what's the significance of "Bob, Joe, Mike, Sarah, and Jill"?

  • Ian0

    This should be under the Easy category

  • AbhiRen

    Is this Md5? How were you able to crack this?

  • tr0lley


    [REDACTED] This comment is only shown to users who have solved this challenge.

  • B4B4TUND3

    You cannot decrypt md5 so how? Any hints