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Digital Camouflage

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We need to gain access to some routers. Let's try and see if we can find the password in the captured network data:!XDBDRAQD!4jRcJvAhMkaVaZCOT3z3zkyHre2KHfmkbCN5lYpiEoY Hint 1: It looks like someone logged in with their password earlier. Where would log in data be located in a network capture?<br /> Hint 2: If you think you found the flag, but it doesn't work, consider that the data may be encrypted.

Credit: picoCTF 2017

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    • N3PH1L4X

      Protected 0.0

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    • gbataille ctflearn++ badge


      Nice challenge to discover pcap reading

    • michaelmichael


      good one. not too difficult with proper analysis tool for this type of file. is important skill

    • scarfaace


      Actually, encryption and encoding are 2 different things.

    • steackfrite


      Easy if you know wireshark. Oherwise, could be hard.

      Thanks for the challenge.

      • irishirl


        PS. Try not to read Hints though, they make it easy.