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Digital Camouflage

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We need to gain access to some routers. Let's try and see if we can find the password in the captured network data:!XDBDRAQD!4jRcJvAhMkaVaZCOT3z3zkyHre2KHfmkbCN5lYpiEoY Hint 1: It looks like someone logged in with their password earlier. Where would log in data be located in a network capture?<br /> Hint 2: If you think you found the flag, but it doesn't work, consider that the data may be encrypted.

Credit: picoCTF 2017

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    • intelagent moderator badge ctflearn++ badge

      Hey thanks for pointing this out. This challenge is definitely incorrectly labeled as hard!

  • ciplenok57

    Sorry, but it's really easy. Please, put it to easy

  • FelixGB

    That was much much easier than I though, is it really medium?

  • hamu96

    just gave away the answer too easy

  • AT3RM0N

    In the process, although it was easy, it made me search and understand some things a lot better than I could. Props! :D

  • Binder

    without the hints, this would be harder.

  • preclson

    Good challenge, you have to not overthink like me ;)

  • k1k9

    I learn something new

  • cdblish3

    easier than i anticipated, took a couple brain cycles.

  • Theriphunters


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  • sgt787

    I got to say I am having fun. I love reading PCacp files. Just remember Cyber Chef and patience.

  • pizzamonkey00

    A lot of fun to solve. A good learning opportunity and a reminder why you shouldn't send passwords through unencrypted protocols.

  • Melino

    I've never used Wireshark before but I did something and it was correct?? I have no idea what I did but it worked

  • SquidBoy

    Doesn't need the clues if it's medium. The 2nd in particular seems unnecessary given the information is in the data.....

  • Seppukki


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