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Substitution Cipher

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Someone gave me this, but I haven't the slightest idea as to what it says!!iCBz2IIL!B7292dJSx1PGXoWhd9oFLk2g0NFqGApBaItI_2Gsp9w Figure it out for me, will ya?

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10 user23495

  • Peder ctflearn++ badge

    This doesn't deserve to be in medium

  • ubithelumper

    Fun one in my opinion. Might want to change the name indeed. For those who have done anything similar it will be recognizable at first glance, but newbies will have to search a bit.

  • Gj1197

    This should be under Easy !!

  • Maalech

    still not figured this challange

    • Maalech


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