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What can a bunch of numbers mean?

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59748788775605638693016643704625473394350033769027191601609610978587500957663233 The answer consists of capital letters. Hint: It is either a 0 or a 1.

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  • srajith

    is the flag in 0's or one or any text format like CTFlearn{asciitext} ?

      • Caillou

        The same for me :) I trying to use the hint he gave but dont see anything :/

  • Caillou

    I twisted number in all way i could (mod 2, group, etc..) . Im stuck. Does someone have another hint?

    • xvenom

      see the title and hint, and you got it

  • M4DG0D

    This hint is pointless i think. Can you give us another hint .