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I've found this very weird android application.

Seems to be some kind of calculator, but there is something strange with it. Can you find out what it is?!qXIAgSKZ!u2QBlLV-3G8kmsr6yR0wqpQOFyv89e0WvBt45alBIRY

Flag is in Format: FLAG{...}

Note: You don't really need an android device to solve this. But it might be helpful :)

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    • DEMON1A ctflearn++ badge


      Wasted my time installing the app on my android machine. but helped me to debug it.

    • impregnable


      Just a tip : Use online apk decompiler to look at the source code

    • Londek


      Been overthinking because my logcat didnt work on nox lol

    • RLangdon


      this was a great challenge. learnt a lot of new tools. Thanks vidar.

    • pizzamonkey00


      Dang, I've been looking through source files for ages but I can't help but feel like I'm looking in all the wrong places. It probably doesn't help I've never programmed for android so I have no idea what things should look like. I'll have to try some more tomorrow.

    • Caillou


      I discover something new :) Thanks

    • Karanami

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      • karmanyaahm

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