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Hey! I have intercepted this https://mega.nz/#!SPhCwATa!2i8_wI4t1j3VdnauXDB1OaW60l5hJAr3ylTxo_K9FeY from the Center for Interesting Arrangements. Out of all the documents the CIA holds, this seems to stand out because I don't see any "interesting arrangement" in this image. Pretty sure that this is just a bunch of noise... or is it? Look at this file closely and you'll (definitely) agree with me!

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  • Caillou

    Hi Does someone could give a hint? i got a 250x287 still cleaning the triple, found a second patern 1/2/1 but facing trouble. Dont know if close or totally wrong

  • Caillou

    Did it finally :) Had too look deeper :) Nice one