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My friend likes to keep secret stuff inside a safe-box.

I have kept bugging him for the combination to the safe. He finally gave this link: https://mega.nz/#!KP5XwZTA!KPEHBt-w-5x-9_7mevBAQo5AGcs82gQSQKscae34jnA to me. When I opened it I got this puzzling combo box. He told me "Follow the links down the rabbit-hole! There's only one correct path!"<br />

Can you figure out the combination safe lock?

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  • Lyzeum

    Not actually hard but very time consuming. Therefore would be better in Medium.

  • heyzec

    Actually very cool, just like Suduku!

  • ebouteillon

    Fun challenge. But links don't work with libreoffice version shipped with ubuntu 18.04 LTS. I had to use Ms Powerpoint.

  • IT_Oracle

    Fun game, but doesn't really teach you anything. As others have said, make sure to use ms powerpoint.

  • Rivit

    Done by unzipping ppt file and reversing the code using data from ppt/slides folder ;)