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I always wanted to create my own variant of machine language. So here it is, a relatively simple language. I call it Revamped Evolution of programming Squared, or RE^2 for short. Here's the interpreter: https://mega.nz/#!CSZEAaBR!P1gii8YXoEleFw6R8EkqGs3uoaD0lZ6fzn_YWHo6fcM (Good luck... it's in Java). Ohh... and here's my horribly inefficient attempt at programming in RE^2 https://mega.nz/#!fPIQDKIZ!QxdBao49V7pXqCiOA-BXoRYrhbI5YtAsRX2ATy5dQhE I have later decided to publicize the source code: https://github.com/theKidOfArcrania/RE-2-Language

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