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A CAPture of a Flag

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This isn't what I had in mind, when I asked someone to capture a flag... can you help? You should check out WireShark.!3WhAWKwR!1T9cw2srN2CeOQWeuCm0ZVXgwk-E2v-TrPsZ4HUQ_f4

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    • ujjwal


      wireshark with filters and you got it

    • michaelmichael


      get fluent in wireshark filters. don't overthink or be distracted by weird looking packets

    • steackfrite


      Interesting challenge.

      Learn Wireshark filters ;)

    • shadyskies

      Protected 0.0

      [REDACTED] This comment is only shown to users who have solved this challenge.

    • zharfanf


      little bit confusing, nice challenge though

    • CdivINFx


      search http protocol and find parameter GET with msg

    • LostGhost1


      So, there is no strategy besides "literally stumbling upon an encoded http parameter"?

    • Panics


      to many request packet .... actually i'dk where's flag , i just opening this file on notepad and find word like a hash (base64 / sha / other)