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Brute Force is Fun!

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You'll need Brute Force to solve this. Knowing Python should help too. Oh! And Base64 encryption of course! Find the flag!

https://mega.nz/#!vf43RCyC!NNpuYjB3d-gevhsHXefwAAAmzk4tJHxUZr0GnrSDI_c Hash: e82a4b4a0386d5232d52337f36d2ab73

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  • DaKeiser

    This could have been in medium part. But had fun solving it :)

  • IT_Oracle

    Fun challenge! Many ways to solve the problems presented. ^-^

  • Celebrity

    I cannot brute force this hash , any hints?

  • Londek


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  • pr0ctf

    A long challenge. But points are worth!