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Reverse Engineering



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Can you crack my pin?!PXYjCKCY!F2gcs83XD6RxjOR-FNWGQZpyvUFvDbuT-PTnqRhBPGQ

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  • domin568

    Should be rated for 20 points or something like that

    • ImYawn

      Bro what are you talking about!

  • ebouteillon

    For this challenge, I motivated myself to use ghidra for the first time.

    Conclusion: the decompiler makes this easy. :)

  • yohji

    for starters, after a bit of pratice on, you will crack this in a while ;-)

      • gstur

        Same. Did you figure something out, or no?

  • PrankSinatra

    Took me 4 hours of using radare2/Cutter. Pretty simple if you know how basics of assembly and debuging simple code

  • Kucharskov

    I preffered retdec software and some programming logic ;)

  • Fl4Gg3R

    Is there another way than brute force? i have searched and searched but found nothing of use. Can someone help me?

    • mrsisterfister

      Use a disassembler and try to understand what the program does. There's no need to guess anything.

  • SquidBoy

    Not sure it's worth the points (might be if you reverse engineer it) - brute forced it pretty quickly.....

  • rasyidmf


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