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What's your favorite color? Would you like to share with me? Run the command: ssh [email protected] -p 1001 (pw: guest) to tell me!

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5 95570e9a
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10 defntvdm


    • scarfaace


      How is it possible to get out of good &= buf[i] ^ buf[i]; anything else than 0? XOR of 2 same characters is always 0 and 0 XOR 0 is always 0.

      • StefanCicos


        That is the point. You can't so you have to bypass the check

    • Disasm


      Hmm ... I always get that: Enter your favorite color: Me too! That's my favorite color too! You get a shell! Flag is in flag.txt Segmentation fault (core dumped) It seems the process does not have enough privilege to call system() and a shell is not spawned. That is why it goes to the normal path and crashes with segfault when the stack is restored. You might want to revisit the permissions on the guest user.

      • Kuber19


        I have got the same problem :/

      • momo1


        I got the same output, And it took me way too long to overcome this error, but it is not a problem with the CTF. it is possible to get a shell. if you get this error, you missed something.

    • elliot_pwn

      Protected 0.0

      [REDACTED] This comment is only shown to users who have solved this challenge.

    • elliot_pwn

      Protected 0.0

      [REDACTED] This comment is only shown to users who have solved this challenge.

    • camus_


      took time but great learning expericence

    • AntonioCaesar


      why i can't type the password? it's bug or feature?

          • thekidofarcrania moderator badge


            Oh... I think you can type the password but it just doesn't show up, but it's still there