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General RONX was cleaning up his cupboard last night, when he finds this archive out of the blue. He recalls that it was something about what he loves immensely. But the old General does not remember what it was. He sent this to me but I don't know what to do with it. Can you find it out? https://mega.nz/#!aHhhGAAB!QPWGYtUiW59R_DhE0-Dv7rAm8fqkW1YXmwLsAPZSOK8

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  • technic

    Programming? Isn't it forensic?

  • ebouteillon


    [REDACTED] This comment is only shown to users who have solved this challenge.

  • DaKeiser

    Neither it is too hard, nor it is a programming problem. For the ones who can see the answer but are getting incorrect flag, try replacing O with 0 and try again. It took me more time to figure whether it was 0 or O than solving this problem.

  • IT_Oracle

    Good hint, nice programming exercise. ^-^