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Nozart just got a new keyboard and became obsessed with music! He has been playing for hours and played many sequences of notes, and after reading a book on music theory, he wants to count how many times he played the keys of a major scale. Here is an excerpt from Nozart's music book: https://mega.nz/#!CbwmjKoA!cquE9ar9hn0zt2lbYhJFAsIvYLvSfQ5D8aJQFdxa24g - The note sequences he played (your input) are found here: https://mega.nz/#!fHomBQ4J!yrXX8_XxzbBXpks41gr7HyIPtg2udVlufqkddOeYyq0 - Is Nozart really a prodigy? How many times did he play the keys of a major scale?

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  • QuantumScrewdriver

    For this, should our flag just be the number of major scales that are played out of all of Nozart's scales?

  • IT_Oracle

    Fun challenge but that was super tough for my non-musical brain to understand. For those that come after me, I'll save you a ton of time. Some notes have the same value, for example C is the same thing as B#. Also, the major scale has to start and end on the same note value. Lastly, try adjusting your final answer up or down one number.