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Dawn's Lawn

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Dawn has a magical lawnmower that she uses to mow her square lawn. As soon as she trims the grass, it starts growing quickly. Once the grass grows tall enough, it turns into a flower. Dawn has a lawn that has flowers, grass, and dirt. More details can be found here:!bTwAgS5K!_7Ct7i5rPzsTwxB-QXuM0C751gYppdItpfGl3Cr-RaY - You can find Dawn's actual lawn (your input) here:!OGxQDQgA!pQdDXyto9sqdoprz53541HTyPMr9aLFBKP29Rutqom8 How many flowers are in Dawn's lawn after she mows it completely?

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  • dliedtka

    The example in the first file is wrong, as it has Dawn going down each column rather than down-up-down-up-....

  • ebouteillon

    I confirmed the sample is buggy as it does not follow the up and down on columns, as well as the penultimate step did not 'mow' the right element and the last step is not mowed at all

  • ebouteillon


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