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Tib Weis split his bit kit into a pit. They all fit, but his lack of wit made him miss the fact that it was lit! Tib wanted to admit that he was a misfit, but instead, he wants you commit and submit his refined tidbit. Tib also says, "Don't quit!" - Tib's tool kit for bit kits:!WGwXjILZ!8tMsytoN_6b-FBb-38zl23d_GoG05VUaG1g1OMZXGeA - The original code to retransmit: YmluYXJ5cmVmaW5lcnl8JiY+PnxeXl4mJnx8fg== :: Did you solve it? What value was spit?

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  • technic

    2nd example is wrong, should be 'bGVtb24+Pl58Jg==' --> 'lemon>>^|&'