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Jumping Chain Hash

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Jim designed a new way to encode strings of purely lowercase letters through the Jumping Chain Hash (JCH). He tested it on several strings and was very happy with the result! Jim was so confident that he decided to encode his bitcoin account password, but then his decryption algorithm broke! Luckily, Jim documented the JCH here: - https://mega.nz/#!CfhnnYjL!D6G-Ho0OxBthJ4LTJojrtNU6jV_5GJlbCYOgNMErO2w - His encrypted password (your input) is here: https://mega.nz/#!bH4XQIrL!tn3jWY4iqjuVlGggjEgHZLCAlUuQDE0cXIo8FS4LvlE - Can you help Jim recover his bitcoin account?

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