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For Christmas, Q received an enormous set of cubes with letters and numbers on them. He decided that rearranging these cubes in a certain way would let him hide a secret message. The way he rearranges them is by folding all of them in half, over and over, until they form a single pillar. This is explained in more detail here: - https://mega.nz/#!raBixa7b!HkrNMoGU3kutVtGmrS81y-7Yx4VSO1JorlUICD4XOIM - Q leaves us this aerial view (your input) of his cubes here: https://mega.nz/#!KOJyFKKL!2dNvk97L09sUwfM4DVtZ_logrtvlYzWwZvtur6C-_DU :: What message was Q trying to convey?

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    • pauliakov


      Very nice challenge! (numpy may prove useful)

    • emo94


      watch out for the flag, because it's not a string but sentences