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Python Reversal

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A Reverse engineering problem in python. Have fun! https://mega.nz/#!3HxHFCDA!BozTicVlEl5YES_reZwic2KoQ77f_R9_qNTcEJhFDsI

  • SevenBlindMice

    once I get "granted()", the url leads nowhere, I tried php injection but think I'm going the wrong direction. I need a hint please!


    • BarbaraB

      Look at the code itself , see what happens to your input from the moment you enter it until it is compared to another string in the 'if' that is in the main function. Then try to reverse the functions' effects on the string that the variable 'sik' is compared to, starting with the last one that changed it- 'mikeSwift'. Just work your way backwards, use your programming skills and you'll find the flag. Good luck!