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Bity had the flag for his problem. Unfortunately, his negative friend Noty corrupted it. Help Bity retrieve his flag. He only remembers the first 4 characters of the flag: CTFL. Flag: BUGMdsozc0osx^0r^`vdr1ld|

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  • liverenesmrx


    [REDACTED] This comment is only shown to users who have solved this challenge.

    • KP56

      It is the correct flag. You just need to add a single a next to the n.

  • j4k0b

    Hint for anyone who can decode it but get's the wrong flag: Make sure you have the correct input (how are texts on this website formatted/displayed...?)

  • naver

    When decoded the value is in the correct format. If you've decoded and getting CTFLern... then you don't have the correct ciphertext.

  • 4EverN00b

    The correct format is as follows: BUGMdsozc0osx^0r^`vdr1ld|