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Ursula has written many famous books whose endings will change the way you think. One of her lesser known works has a hidden message which you can find here: https://mega.nz/#!jaRQXKbS!QkdIFePvAMwazGnSAoq6exbpAC_FrRltI0V2cf4TPLU Hint: RFC 4648 :)

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  • kzheng

    is this text supposed to be missing from the file: to be carrying for that kind of trip," Gallien recalls. The sun came up. As they rolled down from the forested ridges above the

    • Zim_Zum

      I'm at the same point, I've tried everything to go on but nothing.

      • Zim_Zum

        Also that the start of the text up: As the truck lurched over a bridge across the Nenana River There are at least two chapters and that from that text it changes... but besides those two things, I am unable to see anything else, any clues...

        • Caillou

          I dont know if its too late, but data provided in this challenge is enough, just focus on hint and the rfc ;)

  • Caillou

    Loved this one!! learned new thing

  • Lia_V

    I have a hard time dealing with special characters like —

  • Rivit

    Super interesting, learned new thing!