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Bob is an amateur hacker and has collected the following IP Address:, but Bob needs help finding where the IP Address is located. Can you help Bob find where the IP Address is located. (Type the City name)

    • intelagent

      Fixed that issue. Thanks for letting us know, it will be out in the next update!

      • ungau76

        Its actually not fixed, I had to type without caps.

        • intelagent

          It's been fixed, but not yet deployed! Will deploy soon!

  • outdoorwanderer

    city and country, that should be updated. i sat at this one for like 20 minutes putting in the just the city and it was rejected, i decided to try adding the country into it as well and it was accepted. i dont think thats a spoiler, but just an FYI you need both. I also but a "," and a space. like this "city, country"

  • EinfachEinAlex


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