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Time to Eat

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Reverse Engineering


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My friend sent me some Python code, but something tells me he was hungry when he wrote it. Do you think you can put your reverse engineering skills to use and get it to output the flag?

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    • michaelmichael


      tried to sort through the code for a while, but ultimately brute forced it

    • falca


      after 1h analysis, I found it too easy to reverse without analyzing all functions

    • aporkchop


      I got the flag but website keeps saying incorrect flag

    • Londek


      Really good challange! It deserves Medium because for me without big python knowledge (sry i sit in java and c#) it wasnt hard and wasnt easy. I made 100% re and 0% brainless bruteforce. I just weren't sure about first digit, so i "bruteforced it in my brain" with knowing its <5 and >0 so i think we can keep it in reversing category because i knew what i were doing.

    • SquidBoy


      Started to reverse engineer, but once I found the length it was just a question of finding how it derived it's check from it (as much by trying simple inputs as looking at the code)

    • Xelpip


      finally I solved it in 100% re 0% bruteforce ^^

    • 5punnr1ng


      great challenge, I was too lazy too figure out the first 3 digits, so I ended up brute forcing them, still very enjoyable

    • jpgauvin


      in the function "EAt(eat, eats):". I've insect a string builder that adds 1 for the first if and 2 for else. I end up with a sequence that let me reconstruct the sequence "E10a23t9090t9ae0140". I had to increment one position manually and after a few try, I found the answer.

    • ejhokan


      This was a little harder on me than the hard binary Reversing challenge I did earlier. Don't RE much python. Renaming some of the variables and function names, once I figured out what they did helped me. Use PyCharm or WingIDE to help with debugging.