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Naughty Cat

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Community Rating: 4.96 / 5

I think my cat is hiding something...

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10 Krzyychuu

  • Hackstrix

    Literally every forensic tool was used ....

          • satwiktandukar


            [REDACTED] This comment is only shown to users who have solved this challenge.

            • chokocheng

              if you change the .zip into .rar but signature of header not be changed that just vain.

          • satwiktandukar

            my god, i can do stupid things sometimes. I used rar instead of Rar. lol

      • shadyskies

        Cant seem to get past the rar file which shows up as type data. Can you please help?

  • bigben

    How can I find the password for rar?


    Excellent challenge, thanks for putting it together. Should probably be worth more points though.