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In 2019 on the Earth appeard lethal Corona Virus known as Covid-19. Is January 1st 2020. The people have not any information. Somebody interrupt message transfer. He died but let us encrypted note and very important hint. First four characters in decrypted note are: 'Hope'. Are you able to help us and read whole note?

Note: b"Iqsi88E0b/Ie>=`jmcj\x7fd2y5Eab5:aZy5Cq1dqrqFU\x80nlHls9;).0F"

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  • Londek

    Great one, there's just too much useless content and its flag{} not CTFlearn{}

  • ill_advisor

    Good thing is that this challenge actually forces you to write some code - it's hard to figure out the pattern with just CyberChef.

  • Vict0r_W0ng

    So I have "Iqsi" -> "Hope". But what comes next is just garbage

    • Veritas


      [REDACTED] This comment is only shown to users who have solved this challenge.

  • Xer0_ ctflearn++ badge

    I've looked at ROT47 and OTP (which gives me "Hope" then nothing of use). Is there any other sly hints that can be given for this one?

    • ill_advisor

      consider the fact that getting nothing of use after 'Hope' might be actually a part of the challenge.