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Hack our Connected NM - $1000 Prize

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We have a simple device connected to our network to monitor remotely that our network is connected to the internet.

This device is protected with the Zeus Guardian Single Chip Hardware Firewall.

We ping this device every 5 minutes with a Zeus Guardian packet to ensure it is online, the ping is a simple message “Hello World” and we monitor for a response.

If any other message is sent to the device in a valid Zeus Guardian packet format (with the right key) the device shuts down.

We want to test Zeus Guardians level of protection, so we have opened a competition site, this site allows you to monitor the pings between us and the device, if you can send a message to the device and get it to respond, our device will shut down and you will win the $1000 prize.

HINT: The keys used are derived from base keys, crack the derive function, encryption is aes256 The competition is available at https://competition.zeusguardian.com , which also includes help and more information to get you on your way.

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    • 4C1DW0LF

      Neh it's not that hard, it is so easy that no one has tried yet ;)

  • theghostshow

    How long does it take for response on this particular challenge? Definitely feel like I've solved this one.

    • zgdn1 ctflearn++ badge

      If you have solved this one and sent a command as per the help on the site. You would have been contacted to give you $1000.

  • Panics


    • zgdn1 ctflearn++ badge

      This competition is a little different. If you post the message on the competition site you will win a $1000 price. In the message in you include you ctf user Id I will speak with admin and have you put as a solver