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My friend is a data-scientist and he spends his days using Excel or cool python libraries like numpy, pandas, or opencv. But this morning he was feeling grumpy and hid my flag in a CSV.

The only thing he told me is that the real hint will be given when you find what the columns mean.

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    • michaelmichael


      Didn't use Excel or numpy. Just play with the numbers using basic operations...

    • PFessORx


      Very tough challenge, because i am worst in excel :))

    • zrcarnes

      Protected 0.0

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    • CdivINFx


      I actually enjoyed this challenge, for which I really appreciate @ebouteillon.

    • Rivit


      Haha, great challenge, but for people who are not native English speakers (me) can be a bit confusing :D

      • ebouteillon


        Hi Rivit! Cool that you enjoyed it. My mother tongue is not English too. I tried to give a hint with a play on words and I hope that my broken English is okayish. 😁

    • jpgauvin


      I never thought I'd solve a challenge with Excel

      • ebouteillon


        I like creative challenges and solutions :)

    • Celebrity


      Help Are they bunch of numbers or they mean something?

      • mamimi1773


        Read carrefuly what his friend said. Once you got the hint it should pretty easy to solve.