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Hey! Minions have stolen my flag, encoded it few times in one cipher, and then hidden it somewhere there: https://mega.nz/file/1UBViYgD#kjKISs9pUB4E-1d79166FeX3TiY5VQcHJ_GrcMbaLhg Can you help me? TIP: Decode the flag until you got a sentence.

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    • cyberknight_777


      A very fun challenge i would say. awesome one that made me learn alot

    • EasyDonkey


      I feel like I could extract the same file over and over and I almost won... Anyone has a hint?

      • EasyDonkey


        So just for the record because this challenge made me almost go crazy (even tho its fun): You cant solve it if you are on a Linux machine (Debian in my case) where the "unrar-free" package is installed. You need the "unrar" package.

    • michaelmichael


      can't believe only 20 points! had to walk away and come back to it. don't overthink. hex editor is friend, and simple skill at the end...

    • Nikiborg


      Ёбаный в рот! Я задолбался это решать, но признаю, что это круто! Разработчику респект!

    • a79x


      i like the multiple techniques jammed into this one.

    • sisko


      Interesting challenge.

    • Melino


      Super satisfying to do, it wasn't hard but a great introduction to a wide range of tools :) Great challenge!