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I've just graduated the Super Agent School. This is my first day as a spy. The Master-Mind sent me the secret message, but I don't remember how to read this. Help!

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        • impregnable

          you see dots and spaces. That's the biggest hint

          • b4el7d

            i had dots and space but morse code extracts some like eeehieehieehieehi... some hint?

            • impregnable

              bro if I tell you the next step, it will be the solution and anyone who view the comments will get the flag ..................focus on what these dots and spaces can represent. Spend some time on it . Try different things. I am sure you will get the flag.

              • satwiktandukar

                Thanks , this was on 'easy' sector so I understimated it. Had to write a small program for it but got it.

  • CdivINFx

    well, don't read the description, which made me confused a bit (master-mind)... Anyway, thanks for @impregnable hints, spaces and dots.

  • bt7274

    Took me sometime to figure out the pattern but at the end it's amazing. All the comments before this do provide enough hint if you are stuck in this problem. The message is a long one and contains some text too other than the flag itself.

  • franjinhaEvil

    I found the dots and spaces but still can't understand it, any hint ?

  • kaiziron

    I found the Global anti-terrorists tactics text, is there something i still need to do?

  • kaiziron


    [REDACTED] This comment is only shown to users who have solved this challenge.

  • omakmoh

    That's not easy, i can't figure out the encryption of spaces and dots