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Basic Android RE 1

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Reverse Engineering



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A simple APK, reverse engineer the logic, recreate the flag, and submit!

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  • TheSuperFlight ctflearn++ badge

    Never did reverse engineering before, but i enjoyed this a lot!

    • jonp

      Glad to hear it! Hoping to do a few more that will build on this one :)

  • keteik

    I got "Succes! CTFlearn(_is_not_secure!}" and don't now what to do next, any hints?

    • Sam_S

      read that entire program you will get it!!!!

    • jonp

      Hey Keteik, as Sam_S mentions this is not the whole string. Carefully read over the function you found that in and see if you can understand the logic there.

  • Sam_S

    Great! Learned a lot about grep

    • jonp

      I have provide a comment with a link that can help with this. Regarding hashcat though you may find success by grabbing the https://weakpass.com/wordlist . Though sadly it is quite large if you dont do cracking very often.

  • jonp

    Ive been told by a number of users that they have had issues with the md5 portion of this challenge. As cracking it was not the focus point I have provided a link below to a website that will successfully decrypt it.


  • camus_

    I don't know where to start. how should I go about reverse engineering it? P.S : I'm not asking for flag or solution.