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Solve the equations embedded in the jpeg to find the flag. Solve this problem before solving my Scope challenge which is worth 100 points.

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    • kcbowhunter ctflearn++ badge

      Impressive to do it manually! I think Wolfram has a website which does mathematics.

  • SeeTeeEff

    each equation returns and x and y value right? are we providing x from the first equation and y from the second? or should each equation resolve to a single integer?

    • kcbowhunter ctflearn++ badge

      There are two equations and two unknowns, so you have to solve the system of equations to solve for x and y. You can't solve just one equation or x or y, you have to solve them together. You can do basic linear algebra http://mathsfirst.massey.ac.nz/Algebra/SystemsofLinEq/EMeth.htm or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cz6UmZLWgEw or use Wolfram: https://www.wolframalpha.com/examples/mathematics/algebra/equation-solving/

    • kcbowhunter ctflearn++ badge

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. I have a 100 point challenge called Scope which also has a 2x2 set of equations to solve, and the solution is used to decrypt instructions for solving the challenge.