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Hi, I'm Noxtal! I have hidden a flag somewhere in my Cyberworld (AKA blog)... you may find a good <strong>application</strong> for your <strong>memory</strong>. ;)

Note: This is my real website (thus no deadly bug to exploit here). You might want to read some of my content (writeups, tutorials, and cheatsheets). I would be glad to receive any kind of feedback.

Click here to access it, have fun checking my blog out! Cheers!

Hint: replace the flag{} part with CTFlearn{}.

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1 Lia_V
2 stigru
3 vanya829
4 KavenOZ
5 lamchcl

    • Noxtal

      That was my goal, thanks for the feedback!

      • impregnable

        Can you give some hint ..............................I am confused i tried xss.......but no result

  • rimc2t

    I'm a newbie :( I need more HINT :((((((((

    • CAPTCHA_the_flag

      The hint is in the Challenge itself. Try focusing on :" you may find a good <strong>application</strong> for your <strong>memory</strong>"

    • Noxtal

      I guess it can be. Thanks for the feedback! Congrats for solving! :)

  • Tor1

    use dev tools + the hint

    • Noxtal

      Thanks a lot for the feedback! Congrats for solving! :)