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The flag begins with CTFlearn{...

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1 ill_advisor
2 ebouteillon
3 Rivit
5 apaaris
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6 SeeTeeEff
7 dani0104
8 sinatra12
9 Gilad ctflearn++ badge

    • kcbowhunter ctflearn++ badge

      Python is not necessary, you can do it with pencil and paper and some freely available internet resources.

  • kcbowhunter ctflearn++ badge

    ill_advisor congrats on being the first solver!

    • ill_advisor

      Thanks. I appreciate the hard work you must have put in creating those, you've been probably the most prolific contributor to this site recently as far as i can tell.

        • Shavab451

          Hello there! You invited me to join discord.I don't have the app so can you add me there ? If you can please contact me. That's my servers link(I am completely new on discord):

          • kcbowhunter ctflearn++ badge

            Can you send me a DM on Twitter or Discord @kcbowhunter

      • kcbowhunter ctflearn++ badge

        Thanks, it does take a lot of thought and work to create the challenges, but I really enjoy it. I've certainly learned a lot in the process of how to create the challenges. A few of them I have thought about on and off for a few weeks before actually creating them. I create them using Python scripts then I solve them using Python also just to check that the challenge is created properly.

  • duwangbros

    hey guys, can you give me a hint for this challange?

    • kcbowhunter ctflearn++ badge

      If you want a hint please DM me on Twitter or Discord @kcbowhunter.

  • Rivit

    Without a hint, I would not solve it. Nice photo as always ;)

    • kcbowhunter ctflearn++ badge

      Thanks for solving it... I think it's a nice challenge.

  • SeeTeeEff

    Pretty tricky this one, needed a hint but really well designed.

    • kcbowhunter ctflearn++ badge

      Thank you, yes I put a lot of thought into this one. And I benefited from what I learned creating earlier challenges, especially Pho and Tux which are much easier.

  • sandr0

    I like how almost all solvers say that a hint is needed. -.-'

    • kcbowhunter ctflearn++ badge

      The main challenge in designing challenges is to make them interesting / challenging / maybe difficult without making them impossible. If you look at my forensics challenges I am trying to make a spectrum of challenges from easy to difficult... this challenge really is the result of what I learned on most of my previous jpeg / forensics challenges. Some challenges that I created I thought would be difficult but ended up being easy... so I learned from that and created some challenges (like this one) that take a little more thought and examining the raw data in the jpeg as opposed to relying on tools to help find the solution.