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Tony Stark's Message

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After the Snap, Tony Stark and Nebula, were the only survivors on Titan. Lost in deep space for more than 20 days. As essentials are running out, Tony records his last message into the mask. But as fate happens, Captain Marvel recues Tony and Nebula. Later on, some weird data was found in the logs of Jarvis. The data was compressed. After looking at the data closely I found out that compression was lossless and was based on frequency of characters. Also, node data is pickled. When I decoded the data and read it, I was emotional. I can't exactly explain what I was feeling, but you will know what I felt, when you decode the data.

Note: Encoded flag format: flag{answer}. Submission flag format: CTFlearn{answer}

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  • sandr0

    Nice one. Asking myself the same question as Tony, though ....